Meet Haley Stone

December 15, 2012 / Haley's Blog, Public Categories

Hello readers and fellow WERQaholics,

I’m Haley. Whether we’ve met in person or simply exist in cyberspace together, I’m looking forward to writing (with you in mind) about all things WERQ, wellness, family, fitness, goal-making, and more.

I’m big on introductions, so here goes. My name is Haley Stone. I’m a National Presenter for WERQ, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, and ACE Personal Trainer.  I’m also a working mother of two (don’t ask me if I’m having a third!), lucky wife of a modern day superman, and fitnesspreneur (it’s a word – at least in my world). I grew up dancing – mainly ballet, tap, and jazz as a youngster. When I got some cash of my own, I started taking hip-hop classes in Chicago. I’ve always loved playing sports too. I guess of just always loved MOVING. So this Lover of Movement has found her raison d’etre – WERQ.

My girls – Layla and Norah.

Of course I feel obligated to mention that, yes, my two lovely girls (see pic) are my true reason for being on this planet, but this girl’s gotta WERQ too. And this would be no kind of introduction if I didn’t talk about WERQ.

I love WERQ. I love teaching it. I love seeing a group of people moving together to the beat. To bring new moves together and anticipate how all the fellow WERQaholics will react brings me great joy. I truly believe everyone should be able to rock the magic of movement.  WERQ is good for the soul.  It brings together fresh beats, fun steps, and happy people. Did I mention I love WERQ?

Just so you know I’m not completely one-track-minded, I’ve also made a list of non WERQ-related things that I love:

  • My family
  • The smell of mint (everything is better minty)
  • Prince
  • Gym shoes (No heels for this lady! I can’t move fast enough in them)
  • Doing things better, faster, more efficient
  • Making lists 🙂

I’m eager to share with you and connect on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, or some other not-yet-discovered area of cyberspace. Feel free to email me comments, questions, or quandaries.


Haley Stone