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Continuous Movement Means Continuous Playlist

WERQ = High Calorie Burn Cardio and Continuous Movement During your training, your Master Trainer mentioned the importance of having a continuous playlist for WERQ classes.  This means eliminating the awkward pauses between your songs.  After purchasing a song, you will need to trim the end (and sometimes the beginning) so that your playlist is seamless. Continue Reading »

Why WERQ Works Expert Cueing

Cueing.  One simple little word.  One game-changing revolution in dance fitness. Cueing shows participants what to do – which move is next, which way to step, which hand goes up. If participants cannot follow their instructor, they can not achieve the high calorie burn intense cardio workout expected in WERQ classes.  WERQ Instructors will me Continue Reading »

Three Ways To Share Your WERQ Playlists LEGALLY With Your Class Members

February 13, 2013 / Tutorial, WERQforce Private

“I love your music! Could you make me a copy of your CD? I’ll pay!” If you’ve heard this question from your class members, smile – you have great taste in music! Scientific research shows that providing the right music can motivate your class members to train longer, harder and more frequently. Making that music Continue Reading »