WERQforce Private

The Signature WERQ Warmup

December 4, 2013 / WERQforce Private, WERQforce Warmup

The signature WERQ® warmup has 2 key components.  It is a dance fitness warmup which previews the dance steps used in class. Generally speaking warmups should include preparatory movements specific to the exercise or sport to be performed. Because WERQ® is a dance fitness class, the warmup movements are specific to dance. In terms of Continue Reading »

How I Got Started Teaching WERQ

Hello, my name is Tracey Green and I am a WERQaholic.  Phew.  Glad that’s off my chest. I discovered WERQ during a job interview with Haley Stone herself.  I was applying for a group exercise instructor position at the gym where she was the coordinator at the time and after chatting a bit about my Continue Reading »

Continuous Movement Means Continuous Playlist

WERQ = High Calorie Burn Cardio and Continuous Movement During your training, your Master Trainer mentioned the importance of having a continuous playlist for WERQ classes.  This means eliminating the awkward pauses between your songs.  After purchasing a song, you will need to trim the end (and sometimes the beginning) so that your playlist is seamless. Continue Reading »

Best Of The Best

What if I showed up to take your WERQ Class?    No warning.  No time to scramble around and make last minute adjustments.  What if I walked in the second after you hit play on your warmup and you were put in the spotlight on display.  Would you be ready?  The answer had better be Continue Reading »

How I Got Started Teaching WERQ

I just finished teaching my first WERQ class. What a rush! It doesn’t really get better than this. It was great to see all the smiling, sweaty faces.  So, how did I prepare for my first class you ask? I’ll tell you. I became a WERQ-aholic about two years ago. Being a designer by day, Continue Reading »

Why WERQ Works Expert Cueing

Cueing.  One simple little word.  One game-changing revolution in dance fitness. Cueing shows participants what to do – which move is next, which way to step, which hand goes up. If participants cannot follow their instructor, they can not achieve the high calorie burn intense cardio workout expected in WERQ classes.  WERQ Instructors will me Continue Reading »

Three Ways To Share Your WERQ Playlists LEGALLY With Your Class Members

February 13, 2013 / Tutorial, WERQforce Private

“I love your music! Could you make me a copy of your CD? I’ll pay!” If you’ve heard this question from your class members, smile – you have great taste in music! Scientific research shows that providing the right music can motivate your class members to train longer, harder and more frequently. Making that music Continue Reading »

LOVE to WERQ on Valentines Day

February 11, 2013 / WERQforce News, WERQforce Private

Fall in love, break up, make up, break up, make up again… For Valentines Day 2013, consider a “Love” theme or an “Anti-Love” theme or a combination of both for your playlist! WERQ Love Songs: Love On Top, Your Body, Kiss You, This Kiss, Boyfriend, Finally Found You, Love You Like A Love Song, Heart Skips Continue Reading »

Getting Started With WERQ

January 15, 2013 / New Instructors, WERQforce Private

So……..  You’ve taken WERQ training.  What now? Hi there new WERQ Instructors!  You have completed WERQ training, you’ve met the fitness requirement, you are in the WERQforce and you are READY TO WERQ! Now what??? Feel overwhelmed?  You’re not alone.  I’ve been in the fitness industry for a decade and I have taught every fitness Continue Reading »

The WERQ Rep Program and the WERQ Choreography QREW

The WERQ Rep Program and the WERQ Choreography QREW WERQ Fitness is GROWING and growing fast!  WERQ classes are popping up across the country and we love hearing your success stories.  With this growth comes some new policies and a few changes.  As of 1/1/13 WERQ is excited to launch 2 new programs:  The WERQ Continue Reading »

The WERQ Cooldown

A WERQ cooldown will always feature balance poses and yoga inspired static stretching. Balancing is so important to overall wellbeing. It will not only make your students better dancers, but it will help them (and you too!) grow old gracefully. Give your students the gift of balance work.  At first your students may struggle with Continue Reading »