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What Do You Eat For Breakfast

February 15, 2013 / Haley's Blog, Public Categories

My alarm goes off somewhere between 5:30am and 6:30am each day. I have approximately 2 hours to get myself ready, get my girls dressed, fix hair, brush teeth, make beds, make breakfast, drive  to school and get myself to WERQ. Often times, what I eat for breakfast sets the tone for the day. If I Continue Reading »

Recap of WERQ Instructor Training in Maryland

Master Trainer Haley Stone WERQed her way into Baltimore this past weekend for a Master Class and WERQ Instructor Training at Carter School of Dance. To say Mary Catherine, the host, was bubbling over with energy is an understatement.  As students and instructors gathered for the Master Class, she introduced and greeted everyone with a Continue Reading »

Meet Haley Stone

December 15, 2012 / Haley's Blog, Public Categories

Hello readers and fellow WERQaholics, I’m Haley. Whether we’ve met in person or simply exist in cyberspace together, I’m looking forward to writing (with you in mind) about all things WERQ, wellness, family, fitness, goal-making, and more. I’m big on introductions, so here goes. My name is Haley Stone. I’m a National Presenter for WERQ, Continue Reading »