What is WERQ's mission?

WERQ Fitness, LLC is on a mission to revolutionize the dance fitness industry.  Our goal is to see WERQ Fitness classes offered on every gym schedule at every fitness facility worldwide.  Our goal is to put the world to WERQ.

We believe in fitness education.  We require our Instructors to hold not only a WERQ License but also meet a fitness certification requirement.  We are raising standards in the industry.  WERQ Instructors are the best of the best in the fitness industry and are certified fitness professionals.

We believe in achievable dance.  From the preview warmup to WERQ’s signature 3Q1 method of cueing, every single element of this workout was designed to help participants of any dance background achieve.

We expect our Instructors to be the best of the best in the industry.  WERQ classes worldwide use the same high quality choreography and are cued at an expert level so participants are able to follow along with ease.

We believe in high-intensity non-stop heart-strengthening sweaty all-out cardio.  WERQ is designed to challenge participants physically.  This is not a pretty little dance class.  This is WERQ Fitness.

What is the official class description for WERQ?

WERQ® is the fiercely fun dance fitness workout class based on pop, rock, and hip-hop music taught by Certified Fitness Professionals.  The signature WERQ® warmup previews the dance steps used in class and the signature WERQ™ cooldown includes balance and yoga inspired poses.  Are you ready to WERQ®?

What is WERQ's definition of a Certified Fitness Professional?

To teach WERQ Fitness Classes, every Instructor must be a Certified Fitness Professional.  This means that in addition to completing WERQ training, each WERQ Instructor will hold a nationally accredited group fitness or personal training certification or otherwise petition WERQ Fitness HQ with qualifications such as a college degree in a fitness field (degrees in dance do not qualify).

A list of pre-approved certifications can be found here.

WERQ recommends AFAA’s Primary Group Fitness Certification and NASM’s Personal Training Certification.

Shooting straight:  WERQ is a challenging format to instruct.  Instructors must be able to memorize a minimum of 15 songs of choreography and use those 15 songs to design the signature WERQ Preview Warmup.  Additionally instructors must have the physical ability to motivate participants through a high intensity cardio dance workout and must have the musicality to hear the 2 beat in the music and land cues on that 2 beat.  Our Instructors are the best of the best in the fitness industry.

Are there license fees to have WERQ at a gym or other fitness facility?

Facilities do NOT pay license fees to put WERQ classes on gym schedules. Instructors must be Certified Fitness Professionals and members of the WERQforce in good standing with WERQ Fitness, LLC.

How do I become a Licensed WERQ Instructor?

To become a Licensed WERQ Instructor, attend a WERQ Instructor Training, meet the WERQ Fitness Certification Requirement, and join the WERQforce within 90 days of completing training.

WERQ is taught by the best of the best fitness professionals in the fitness industry.  Requiring all WERQ Instructors to be Certified Fitness Professionals holding either a group fitness certification or a personal training certification is unique in the dance fitness industry and WERQ prides itself on setting the highest standards for our Instructors.

What is the WERQ Fitness Certification Requirement?

WERQ strongly believes in fitness education.  All Licensed WERQ Instructors must meet the WERQ Fitness Certification Requirement prior to joining the WERQforce.  In addition to the one day WERQ Certification, all WERQ Instructors must hold a current, nationally accredited group fitness certification or personal training certification or otherwise petition WERQ Fitness HQ.  Common petition examples include a college degree in a related field (medical, physical therapy, sports medicine, kinesiology, etc.)

For a list of pre-approved Fitness Certifications, please click here.

A degree in dance does not meet the WERQ Fitness Certification Requirement.  All certifications must be current, valid and on WERQ’s pre-approved list above.  To petition WERQ HQ email a full list of all your certifications, degrees and all other relevant information to info@werqfitness.com.

I do not yet meet WERQ's Fitness Certification Requirement. May I still take training?

Anyone may take WERQ Instructor Training, learn about WERQ from the creators and receive CEUs.  After completing training, participants have 90 days to verify a current fitness certification with WERQ Fitness HQ and join the WERQforce.  After 90 days, participants must re-take training in full to be eligible to join the WERQforce.

WERQ takes the fitness certification requirement very seriously.  There are no exceptions to the rules above in order to maintain the integrity of the WERQ brand.

What is the WERQforce?

The WERQforce is the official WERQ Community connecting Licensed WERQ Instructors with WERQ Master Trainers.  The WERQforce is how instructors stay licensed, receive news and updates from WERQ Fitness LLC, access the WERQ choreography library and benefit from WERQforce discounts for trainings, classes, and events.  The WERQforce was designed to maintain the integrity and quality of the WERQ brand, continue Instructor’s professional development, and continue to develop our Instructor’s skills and abilities to move crowds of people to a beat.  By joining the WERQforce, trainees show a level of commitment to being the best dance fitness instructors in the industry.  The WERQ Video Library holds WERQ choreography videos, video tips on cueing, examples of warm ups and cool downs, song suggestions, instructor and student interviews and more.

The WERQforce is $10/monthly for those instructors in the United States.

How much is WERQforce memberships and where do WERQ Instructors get their music?

WERQforce membership is $10/monthly.

Trainees must meet the WERQ Fitness Requirement prior to joining the WERQforce.   Trainees have 90 days from their training date to join the WERQforce.

WERQ Instructors purchase their own music from iTunes/Amazon/Spotify or any other online music source.

WERQ Instructors are expected to participate in continuing education and keep their fitness certifications current and valid.


My members are ready to WERQ! How can I bring WERQ to my facility?

Contact us for WERQ Host Facility Brochure. To view training dates and what is included in WERQ Instructor Training, click here.

There is no cost to a facility to host.  A comp entry is provided to the host facility when a minimum of 10 paid registrations is reached.  WERQ Instructor training runs approximately 6 hours and provides .6 ACE and 4.5 AFAA CEUs.  Training covers all information participants need to successfully launch WERQ classes at gyms and fitness facilities.

WERQ Instructor training covers the WERQ warmup and cooldown, WERQ’s signature 3Q1 method of cueing, the branding behind WERQ, the WERQforce and the ideas behind WERQ Choreography design.

Note:  WERQ is a pre-choreographed dance fitness format where instructors are provided the choreography used in class and make only fitness-level modifications based on the student base.  Instructors have approximately 150-200 songs from which to choose a playlist of currently charting pop, rock and hip hop songs so while playlists may vary, the choreography to those songs will remain consistent from instructor to instructor nationwide.

I'm a fitness coordinator - what should I look for when I audition WERQ Instructors?

Click here for a guide designed to assist program coordinators when auditioning WERQ Instructors.

Where do instructors get the choreography used in WERQ classes?

WERQ is a pre-choreographed dance fitness class.  As a member of the WERQforce, licensed WERQ instructors have access to an online library of WERQ choreography exclusively for use in WERQ class.  WERQ choreography is designed by the WERQ Choreography QREW using established guidelines.  The WERQforce can expect fresh and exciting choreography each week.

At any given time there are approximately 150-200 songs of choreography to choose a playlist from.  As songs rotate out of the library (no longer on the Billboard Charts, iTunes Top 100) new songs are added to keep the library fresh and as current as radio airplay.

WERQ Instructors are allowed to make fitness modifications to accommodate all levels of participants.  WERQ’s fitness certification requirement ensures that Instructors are properly educated and capable of teaching class at the fitness level of the specific group of participants.
In WERQ Instructor Training, your trainer will talk though how the WERQ Choreographers design choreo so that trainees and future WERQ Instructors understand what makes WERQ WERQ vs. any other cardio dance or cardio hiphop format.  Modifications should be fitness level specific and not take away from these choreography design ideas that distinguish WERQ.
All WERQers are encouraged to work at their own level individually and listen to their bodies day to day.  WERQ hard, build your cardiovascular endurance, but respect your physical body and WERQ within your limits.

Can I use WERQ choreography in my cardio dance class?

No. WERQ choreography must only be used in classes labeled “ WERQ” on gym/studio schedules and taught only by Licensed WERQ Instructors.  WERQ choreography may not be used in any other dance fitness format or for any reason other than teaching and promoting WERQ classes in gyms and fitness facilities.

What is WERQ Old Skool?

We’re bringing it back to the Old Skool.  From boy bands to hair bands to the illest MCs, WERQ Old Skool combines your favorite pop, rock, and hip hop beats from decades passed with fly dance moves for the freshest throwback cardio dance fitness class on the planet.  Kick it, pop it, ride it, and rock it in WERQ Old Skool.  WERQ Old Skool is taught only by WERQ Reps ensuring the absolute quality of this format.

You’ll hear the greatest hits you love to love from the 80s, the 90s, and the early 2000s.

Is the WERQ Certification available internationally?

As of March 2014 WERQ Instructor Trainings are only offered in the US and the UK although we do have plans to expand further internationally.  If you live outside the US and wish to come to the US for a WERQ Training you may sign up online but must have a US or UK mailing address and a valid credit card and paypal account.  Email us with questions – info@werqfitness.com.

I have a question about my WERQforce account. Who can I contact?

Email us!  info@werqfitness.com.