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South Africa gets to WERQ!

Posted on: April 3rd, 2014 by WERQ Fitness

Jumping, Punching, Squatting = READY TO WERQ!

On Thursday March 13, 2014 Certified WERQ Instrucgtor Bria Hoosier taught the first WERQ class to rock South Africa!

WERQ HQ is EXCITED!  It is truly our honor to put the WORLD to WERQ!

Classes are being held at Wits Junction Residence.

South Africa - Bria

“There’s already a buzz around the complex. I know WERQ is going to explode here.” ~Bria Hoosier

South Africa Brush Off

Bria leading her WERQaholics

South Africa Jumps

South Africa Jumps!

South Africa Punches

South Africa Punches

South Africa Squats

South Africa Squats



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A GUIDE FOR FACILITIES and group fitness program directors

Posted on: May 26th, 2013 by WERQ Fitness

The following information is designed to help facilities and group fitness directors effectively audition potential WERQ Instructors and addresses some FAQs WERQ HQ receives from program managers.

The WERQ Brand:  A Guide for Facilities and Group Fitness Program Directors

If WERQ Choreography is used in a fitness class, the class must be called WERQ on a gym schedule both online and on paper schedules and marketing materials.  WERQ does not allow instructors to call their class “cardio dance” and teach using WERQ Choreography.  WERQ is a stand alone dance format designed to run 45-60 minutes of continuous non-stop cardio and may not be combined with any other dance or non-dance format.

WERQ features non-verbal cueing according to the “3Q1 Method”™ of advanced cueing.  Instructors are trained to cue non-verbally and will be able to effectively transition a class from dance element to dance element using 3Q1. Asking a WERQ Instructor to cue verbally is asking them to teach against their WERQ training and against the WERQ brand.

WERQ instructors are provided with the choreography to be used in WERQ fitness classes.  WERQ Instructors are not allowed to design their own choreography.  WERQ is re-defining “pre-choreographed fitness”.  The WERQ video library includes choreography to approximately 150-200 songs from which instructors choose a playlist.  The library is updated weekly with new songs added and older songs taken away to ensure that WERQ playlists stay current and instructors constantly have new current choreography to keep WERQ the freshest dance fitness class on the planet.  WERQ Instructors may make common sense modifications to adjust to their specific group of WERQaholics but changes are minor and do not subtract from the overall consistent nationwide WERQ experience.

afterWERQ™ is a trademarked term to be used ONLY by WERQ Reps and used only according to guidelines agreed upon by WERQ HQ and the WERQ Rep.

CharityWERQ™ is a term that may be used by any certified WERQ Instructor when participating in appropriate fundraising activities.

WERQ, the WERQ logo and the WERQ Old Skool logo cannot be used on clothing in any way without written permission from WERQ Fitness, LLC.

WERQ Old Skool™ is a separate format featuring music from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.  WERQ Old Skool is to be kept separate from WERQ and the choreography is to be kept in the respective format.  Only WERQ Reps may teach WERQ Old Skool.  For more information on the WERQ Rep program click here.

WERQ Choreography is property of WERQ Fitness, LLC and may not be posted on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter or any other social media platform without written permission from WERQ Fitness, LLC.  Still photographs from events may be posted on social media.  Video interviews with instructors / students may be posted on social media as long as interviews do not include choreography clips.

WERQ is a registered trademark of WERQ Fitness, LLC and may be used only on gym schedules and on class related marketing printed materials.

How to Audition a WERQ Instructor:  A Guide for Group Fitness Program Directors

WERQ instructors should be able to demonstrate fluid dance ability, teach effectively with enthusiasm, and deliver a total body cardio dance workout achievable by participants.

WERQ is a dance fitness format featuring a preview warmup and a yoga/balance inspired cooldown.  Ask your candidate why.  Answer:  Previewing steps in the warmup allows students of all dance abilities to achieve WERQ routines in addition to preparing the body for the workout.  The yoga/balance inspired cooldown gives participants a proper choreographed ending to complete the class experience and return the body to rest while developing the skill of balancing.

WERQ instructors are taught to cue non-verbally in WERQ training according to The 3Q1 Method™ of advance cueing.  The instructor that stands out from the rest will be a highly effective certified fitness professional delivering a fluid dance workout with strong non-verbal cues landing on the 2 beat of an 8 count phrase.  Cues will land before the change in choreography allowing participants to transition from dance element to dance element fluidly. Ask your candidate to describe the WERQ cueing process and explain why it is essential and important.  They should answer that cues must be delivered BEFORE the choreography change and should be able to demonstrate a WERQ routine complete with exceptional non-verbal cueing.  WERQ instructors must know their music inside and out in order to deliver effective non-verbal cues BEFORE the choreography change.

WERQ instructors must meet a fitness requirement (typically a current PT certification,  a current primary group exercise certification, a 200 hour yoga certification OR a college degree in a related field).  By teaching WERQ, instructors demonstrate a level of commitment to being the best of the best dance fitness professionals in the industry.  WERQ firmly believes in fitness education and will always require up to date fitness certifications to teach under the name WERQ.

Have more questions?  Reach out to us at WERQ HQ at info@werqfitness.com.

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Putting South Carolina to WERQ!

Posted on: April 21st, 2013 by WERQ Fitness

WERQ, sleep, WERQ, sleep and WERQ again!   

Julie and Kim SC

Kim and Julie

WERQ Master Trainer Julie Steffen flew into Charleston, South Carolina on Friday April 19 and met up with WERQ Rep #6 KC Rickenbaker. Together they headed straight to Bold Fitness for a WERQ Master Class.  Julie had no idea what was in store for her.  An hour and 45 minutes later everyone was WERQed to the max!  The enthusiasm and energy set the tone for the entire weekend.

Saturday Julie and Kim drove up to Simpsonville, SC for a WERQ Instructor Training hosted by Nicole Tebano at Group Fit.  The master class rocked with special lighting and a disco ball!   Sunday Julie and Kim went for Instructor Training Round 2 at East Shore Athletic Club‘s West Ashley location hosted by Monica Hoover.

WERQ Fitness can’t wait to see what our newest instructors do with their new WERQ Classes!   We’re excited here at HQ to hear stories from all of you and your students too as you put them to WERQ.

South Carolina – are you ready?

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Reasons Your Facility Should Offer WERQ Dance Fitness Classes

Posted on: April 7th, 2013 by WERQ Fitness

Dance fitness classes have exploded in popularity at gyms and fitness centers in recent years.  With several dance fitness formats to chose from, why should your facility make the choice to offer WERQ Dance Fitness classes?  WERQ is growing and growing fast – but first things first  – What is WERQ?

WERQ (pronounced “work”) is the fiercely fun dance fitness class based on pop, rock, and hip hop music.  The WERQ warmup previews the dance steps used in class and the WERQ cooldown includes balance and yoga inspired poses. WERQ is unique in the dance fitness industry in that it is built on solid fitness principles.  We’ve set the bar high for our instructors and stand by our WERQforce as the best of the best in the dance fitness industry.

Here’s a list of the top reasons your facility should offer WERQ.

  1. There are no licensing fees to have WERQ on a gym schedule.  That’s right. A facility can add WERQ classes to their Group Fitness Class schedule with no extra costs, no monthly fees, no annual memberships or contracts, and no special equipment purchases.
  2. Only Certified Fitness Professionals teach WERQ Dance Fitness Classes.  To ensure WERQ classes are both safe and effective, Licensed WERQ Instructors must hold a valid nationally recognized fitness certification in addition to completing WERQ Instructor training. WERQ Instructors are fitness professionals dedicated to delivering the highest quality dance fitness workout on the planet.  Read more:  How To Become a Licensed WERQ Instructor.

    Fresh WERQ Choreography delivered weekly.

    Fresh WERQ Choreography delivered weekly.

  3. Fresh choreography is delivered weekly.  WERQ Instructors receive new choreography weekly via the online WERQ Choreography library.  With over 150 videos to choose from, the library is easy to access at home and on the go (iPhone/iPad/Computer/Etc).  WERQ choreography is current, repetitive, engaging and accessible to everyone.  Dancers and non-dancers alike find WERQ choreography fun and achievable.
  4. WERQ Instructors cue the dance steps so that members can follow along easily. WERQ Instructors use the 3Q1 Method ™ of cueing ensuring participants anticipate the change in choreography and transition seamlessly from move to move.  Partipants are able to catch on to the moves quickly for a calorie-crushing cardio WERQout.
  5. Members love WERQ. By including WERQ classes in your Group Exercise Programming, your facility is offering members fitness at its freshest.  WERQ takes songs your members know and love and adds high-intensity cardio dance steps for a uniquely effective WERQout.  WERQ will be the don’t-miss class on your Group Fitness schedule.  Students return week after week increasing member retention and loyalty to your facility. Read about WERQaholics Michelle and Jasmine Lewis. This mom/daughter duo has lost major pounds taking WERQ classes week after week.
  6. WERQ is redefining “pre-choreographed” fitness classes. All choreography used in WERQ classes comes from the online WERQ choreography library. Because instructors nationwide pull from the same pool of choreography, participants can expect the highest quality dance fitness choreography in any WERQ class anywhere.  With over 150 videos to pull from, there are infinite combinations of playlists. Instructors have the freedom to put together unique playlists featuring the branded choreography.
  7. WERQ Instructor training is top-shelf.  Lead by National Presenters Haley Stone and Julie Steffen, WERQ Instructor Training is organized and professional.  Training awards 4.5 AFAA and 0.6 ACE Continuing Education Credits, and provides trainees with the knowledge, skills, and tools to teach high caliber WERQ Dance Fitness Classes. Visit the WERQ Instructor Training page to view upcoming events.

    Instructors access the WERQforce video library via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    Instructors access the WERQforce video library via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  8. WERQforce membership is affordable and packed with valuable benefits for WERQ Instructors. The WERQforce is the WERQ Instructor Community. All Licensed WERQ Instructors are required to be a member of the WERQforce to stay licensed. Membership is only $10/month and includes access to the extensive choreography library, an instructor profile and class listing on WERQfitness.com, access to the members-only blog and online tutorial, discounts on WERQ gear, and rights to use WERQ-branded marketing material.
  9. WERQ is cutting edge. Behind WERQ’s edgy exterior is a state of the art website complete with instructor and class listings and an online choreography library with on-demand access via smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Ready to WERQ or have more questions? Email us at info@werqfitness.com today!


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How To Become A Licensed WERQ Instructor

Posted on: March 7th, 2013 by WERQ Fitness

CONSIDERING BECOMING A WERQ INSTRUCTOR?  Complete the following 4 steps:

1)  Obtain a Fitness Certification that meets The WERQ Fitness Requirement (note certifications must be current and valid)

2)  Attend WERQ Instructor Training in full including the entire master class.

3)  Verify your Fitness Certification with WERQ Fitness, LLC.

4)  Join the WERQforce ($10/Monthly)

WERQ Fitness requires ALL Licensed WERQ Instructors to hold a current and valid nationally accredited Fitness Certification. To view a list of the certifications that meet the Fitness Requirement click here.  The most common certifications are Group Fitness or Personal Training Certifications from ACE, AFAA, NASM, NPTI, ISSA, and NETA.  These certifications range from $299 – $499 and usually involve home study, a full day workshop, a written exam, and a practical exam.  After taking the exam, expect to wait about 6-8 weeks for your results. Many of these testing agencies are moving towards online testing with immediate results (AFAA offers an online test). For more information, read How To Become A Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

WERQ Instructor Training reviews the Concepts and Branding behind WERQ, the Signature WERQ Warmup and Cooldown, WERQ Choreography Design, The 3Q1™ Method of Cueing, and how to join the WERQforce.  Throughout the training, look for “Fitness 101” concepts – basic fitness concepts that all Fitness Professionals must know.  Expect both lecture and practical portions of the training.  The goal of WERQ Instructor Training is for participants to leave with a solid understanding of the WERQ format and the skills to launch a WERQ dance fitness class.

Cost $189*   (Includes the Master Class, a copy of the Official WERQ Training Manual and one WERQ tank/t-shirt).  *Price Subject To Change

Continuing Education | 4.5 AFAA CEUs and 0.6 ACE CECs.

The WERQforce is the WERQ Instructor Community. WERQ is a revolutionary pre-choreographed dance fitness format with an online choreography library with over 150 videos. All Licensed WERQ Instructors are required to be a member of the WERQforce to stay licensed and to access the Official WERQ Choreography Online Library. The library is updated weekly, so instructors can continually rock the freshest choreography. Instructors must purchase their own music (from iTunes/Amazon/Etc.).  The WERQforce is $10/monthly.

All Licensed WERQ Instructors receive an Instructor profile on www.werqfitness.com complete with photo, bio, and class listings, discounts on WERQgear, access to the WERQforce members-only blog, access to the WERQforce Newsletter and bragging rights – WERQ Instructors are the best of the best in the dance fitness industry period.

Ready to teach WERQ? Check out upcoming trainings here or contact info@werqfitness.com to host a training at your facility.


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WERQ Job Board

Posted on: February 18th, 2013 by WERQ Fitness

WERQ Job Board

How To Use This Job Board

Instructors | Scroll the job board and contact the facility listed with your resume.Be prepared to demo a WERQ class as you’ve been taught. 

Facilities | Fill out the contact form if you are looking for WERQ Instructors and wish to be listed here.  Provide your facility name, address, contact name, phone number, and email address. 

The following facilities are looking for WERQ Instructors.

Region: St. Charles ILLINOIS

Location: Pottawatomie Community Center, 8 North Avenue, St. Charles, IL 60174
Contact: Holly Wiggins
P: 630-513-4329
e: hwiggins@stcparks.org

Region: Chicagoland ILLINOIS

Location: Wheeling Park District, Wheeling, IL
Details: Tuesday evening opening
Contact: Clay Manley
e: cmanley@wheelingparkdistrict.com

Location: Xsport – Crestwood, Chicago Ridge, Lakeview, State St., Pilsen
Contact: Nancy Gibbons
e: yoga_chick21@yahoo.com

Location: Xsport – Downer’s Grove, Naperville, St. Charles
Contact: Laura Webb
e: laura.webb@xsportmail.com

Location: Glenview Park Center
Contact: Ginger Heisler
e: Ginger.heisler@glenviewparks.org

Location: Various Midtown Athletic Clubs
Contact: Angela Gusman
e: Angela.gusman@midtown.com

Are you a owner/manager/director looking for a fresh fitness format to add to your class schedule? Fill out the form below to be listed on the job board or to get more information on bringing WERQ to your location. There are NO licensing fees to offer WERQ at your facility.

[gravityform id=”2″ name=”Primary Contact Form” title=”false” description=”false”]

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WERQ Instructor Training Shakes Things up in Georgia and Illinois!

Posted on: February 4th, 2013 by WERQ Fitness

Last Weekend WERQ Master Trainers WERQed with new instructors in Georgia and Illinois.

Lifetime Fitness members pose after the Master Class.

Lifetime Fitness members pose after the Master Class.

WERQ Master Trainer, Haley Stone, lead a packed WERQ Master Class and WERQ Instructor Training at Lifetime Fitness on January 26, 2013. WERQ had it’s official launch at Lifetime Fitness Old Orchard in 2012, so WERQaholics were ready to WERQ it when Haley arrived for the Master Class. Missy Vacala, WERQ Instructor at Lifetime Fitness, taught alongside Haley for 60 minutes of high-octane,  non-stop, calorie-crushing cardio dance. The members of Lifetime left it all on the dance floor. After wringing out their clothes, trainees gathered back in the studio for the WERQ Instructor Training portion of the day. Trainees included, Mark Rees, Group Fitness Director at Lifetime Fitness Old Orchard and B-Fit Milwaukee Studio Owner, Angelina D’Amico along with others from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio.

Meanwhile, WERQ Master Trainer, Julie Steffen, landed in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday evening, January 26, 2013. She woke up on Sunday, January 27 and headed to Envision Health Studio in Woodstock, GA ready to WERQ.  And WERQ she did! The master class was amazing. Full of energy.  Studio Co-Owner Laura Mikszan did an amazing job of promoting the event which pulled in 40+. Participants smiled while they WERQed up a sweat and blasted away thousands of calories together.

Georgia gets to WERQ!

Georgia gets to WERQ!

Training followed and the first batch of Georgia WERQ Instructors have arrived!  Here at WERQ HQ we are very excited to see where this new group of WERQaholics takes the format. Training also included 2 instructors who made the drive from South Carolina to learn to teach the WERQ format!

For more information about classes at Envision with Laura visit www.envisionhealthstudio.com.

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Recap of WERQ Instructor Training in Maryland

Posted on: January 14th, 2013 by WERQ Fitness

Master Trainer Haley Stone WERQed her way into Baltimore this past weekend for a Master Class and WERQ Instructor Training at Carter School of Dance. To say Mary Catherine, the host, was bubbling over with energy is an understatement.  As students and instructors gathered for the Master Class, she introduced and greeted everyone with a smile and made Haley feel right at home. The future WERQ Instructors and students headed into the studio ready to WERQ and posed for a quick pre-sweat photo (above).

Haley hit play on her iPod and immediately knew the class was going to be fun. The students smiled. The participants sang along. Sixty minutes later, the group was soaked in sweat. Mission accomplished.

After the Master Class, the group dug in to the training portion of the day. The group of Certified Fitness Pros learned the WERQ warmup and the WERQ cooldown, reviewed WERQ choreography design, and of course, cued their hearts out. 8,7,6,5,4,3,Q,1. By the end of the day, everyone, Haley included, was exhausted, yet filled with energy. This talented group of Instructors will be among the first to launch WERQ in the Mid-Atlantic States.

WERQ Fitness proudly welcomes the first WERQ Instructors in Maryland: Sonja Burns, Mary Catherine Derin, Celeste Jeudy, Michelle O’Brien, and Wendy Preslan.

From left: MC Derin, Sonja Burns, Haley Stone, Wendy Preslan, Michelle O'Brien, Celeste Jeudy

From left: MC Derin, Sonja Burns, Haley Stone, Wendy Preslan, Michelle O’Brien, Celeste Jeudy


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