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WERQ Fitness at Pamper Me Fabulous Orange County CA

Posted on: April 3rd, 2014 by WERQ Fitness No Comments

WERQ classes with an ocean breeze? Yes please!

On March 15, 2014 Master Trainer Julie Steffen travelled to sunny Orange County California to put Pamper Me Fabulous to WERQ!

Julie along with Long Beach WERQ Instructor Ruben Pereyra led participants though 2 WERQ classes. Classes were held outside with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean!

WERQ will also be at the other 2014 Pamper Me Fabulous events.  Sunday October 5, 2014 Julie Steffen will be heading to New York and Sunday November 9, 2014 Haley Stone will be heading to Los Angeles!

Want more info on classes in Southern California? Contact Ruben by clicking on his WERQ Instructor profile here.

Ruben, Julie and WERQaholic Lana pictured at Pamper Me Fabulous Orange County California

WERQ Master Trainer Julie Steffen teaching Blurred Lines at Pamper Me Fabulous Orange County California


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WERQ Jargon

Posted on: June 22nd, 2013 by WERQ Fitness No Comments

We confess.  We’re WERQaholics.  

We are drinking the WERQ Kool-Aid.  We know it and we own it solid.

New to WERQ?  Here’s some jargon you will hear us WERQaholics use and what it means:

WERQ = Let’s start at the beginning.  What does WERQ mean?  WERQ is a hip hop dance term meaning to absolutely nail it with dominance and confidence.  You are fierce.  You are fresh.  You are fully committed.  You can WERQ a dance move, WERQ an outfit, WERQ the dance floor at the club, and now, WERQ your workout!

Achievable Dance = WERQ was founded on the principle that dance fitness should be achievable by anyone and everyone.  No dance experience required.  From the design of the WERQ Signature Warmup to the 3Q1 Method of Cueing WERQ classes to the literal choreography design, this class is designed to help participants achieve and succeed.

Lorrie and Kiley

Lorrie and Kiley

Best of The Best = WERQ has extremely high standards our Instructors are expected to meet.  Choreography should be memorized flawlessly.  A WERQ playlist should be continuous, should be kept current and should include all 3 WERQ genres of music (pop, rock and achievable hip hop).  All WERQ Instructors are REQUIRED to be Certified Fitness Professionals holding a group fitness certification or personal training certification in addition to their WERQ License.  This is unique in the fitness industry.   WERQ expects instructors to put time into their Warmups and Cooldowns.  WERQ expects instructors to practice cueing until they are able to fluidly lead people through a seamless, high-cardio dance fitness class.  WERQ Instructors are simply to be the best of the best in the industry.  Period.

Pre-Choreographed Fitness = WERQ Instructors are provided with the choreography used in WERQ classes as part of their WERQforce membership.  Instructors do not make up their own choreography.  As such, when taking WERQ classes you are assured of the same high quality choreography design in each and every class.  Instructors have approximately 150 currently charting hit songs to choose from when designing a playlist so you will not dance to the same playlist each class, but each time you dance to a particular song in a WERQ class you should expect the same routine.

Shooting Straight = At WERQ Fitness HQ we shoot straight.  We believe in honesty above all else.  WERQ training is direct and concise with clear discussion of how a WERQ class must be taught.  WERQ Instructors are encouraged to ask for constructive feedback from their students and from WERQ Master Trainers.

Eco-Efficiency = WERQ Fitness, LLC is committed to being the most efficient company possible valuing function over flash.  Our Instructors get their choreography by logging into a website eliminating the creating and mailing of DVDs.  Our training manuals are printed on recycled paper without fancy cover sheets or bindings.  Function is more important than flash in everything we do.


3Q1 Method of Cueing WERQ Classes

3Q1 Method of Cueing = WERQ classes must be cued according to the 3Q1 Method of advance cueing.  This means that WERQ Instructors will help you transition easily between dance elements.  Part of Achievable Dance is ensuring that participants are able to follow along easily.  WERQ Instructors cue on the 2 beat of an 8 count (876543Q1) to signal that a change in choreography is coming showing participants which move is next, which hand goes up, which foot to step on, etc.  Trust in your WERQ Instructor to guide you using non-verbal cueing (hand signals and noises such as “hup” or “hey”).  Additionally WERQ classes will always dance on the student’s right side lead ensuring classes feel natural to the participants.

WERQ Rep = A WERQ Instructor designated by WERQ Fitness HQ as a brand representative.  For more information click HERE.

WERQ QREW = WERQ Reps hand selected by WERQ HQ to choreograph for WERQ Fitness.

WERQ Rockstars = WERQ Master Trainers.  Only WERQ Rockstars may teach WERQ Master Classes.  If you’re in a WERQ Master Class, you’re taking from the absolute best.

WERQforce = WERQ’s Instructor Community.  To be eligible to join the WERQforce, participants must have completed WERQ training in full and must hold a valid fitness certification.

Other questions?  Email us:  info@werqfitness.com


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Healthy Super Bowl Snacking

Posted on: February 1st, 2013 by WERQ Fitness No Comments


Sunday February 3, 2013 is a very exciting day in the lives of many Americans. Beyonce is performing at the Super Bowl! Oh, and there is a football game too.  

All joking aside, Super Bowl parties can lead high calorie snacking – and we all know what goes in must be WERQed off later. Here’s some tips and recipes to help you stay on track.

First and foremost, designate a time for eating, like eating only at halftime. People tend to consume more calories when they snack the entire game.

Instead of ordering pizza, try drizzling olive oil over a few pitas, wheat bagel halves or whole wheat English muffins. Top with organic tomato sauce and all your favorite veggies!

Replace chips and dip with whole wheat crackers or baby carrots and roasted red pepper hummus.

Decorate your table with platters of fresh fruits and raw veggies.

If you’re craving a salty crunch, try roasting chickpeas (garbanzo beans) in the oven. Rinse and drain them, dry on a paper towel, spread on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and cook for 45-60 minutes at 375 degrees. Remove and sprinkle with olive oil, cumin, marjoram and/or a spice blend. Serve hot or store in an air-tight container and they will keep for about 4 days.

For the meat eaters, try a turkey chili. Chili doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious and nutritious. Throw some organic diced tomatoes and any and all canned beans you have at home in a crock pot with low-fat ground turkey. Spice with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder and a hint of coriander.

And don’t forget the deviled eggs! Simply use fat free mayo to make your usual filling. Top with paprika.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, try making mini-sandwich bites using fresh cut strawberries and fat-free cream cheese on whole grain bread.

Serve fresh juices instead of sodas and of course if you’re WERQing hard and playing hard, go for low calorie cocktails in moderation.

~Blog post written by Julie Steffen, WERQ Master Trainer, Chicago Illinois and Kim “KC” Rickenbaker, WERQ Instructor, Summerville South Carolina.

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WERQ Year In Review

Posted on: January 3rd, 2013 by WERQ Fitness 1 Comment

WERQ Year In Review 2012    

‘Be The Change You Want To See In The World”

Do you feel it?  The fitness industry is changing.

WERQ hit and hit hard in 2012 and we can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring.  The WERQ community is growing.  In 2012 WERQ Instructors taught thousands of classes.  Students WERQed off millions of calories and dropped countless pounds.   WERQers hearts are beating stronger with increased cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

In 2012, WERQ Master Trainers traveled to South Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Connecticut and Missouri certifying the best of the best certified fitness professionals as WERQ Instructors.  WERQ now has certified instructors in Tennessee, Louisiana, Indiana, New York and Kansas.  WERQ also travelled to Las Vegas to participate in Club Industry.

The highlight of 2012, of course, was being featured in the April issue of SELF Magazine as one of the hottest workouts in the country.   WERQ is thrilled to have been selected and we could not be more proud of the dedicated WERQ Instructors across the country who helped us achieve this honor.

In 2013, WERQ will continue its quest to be the best of the best.  WERQ will continue to promote fitness certification and education.  WERQ will continue to produce the best dance fitness choreography in the industry.  Our Instructors will continue to cue, lead, teach and be the positive change in dance fitness the fitness industry needed to see.

Do you feel it?  It’s WERQ’s time to shine.  We feel it.  And we love it.

Are you ready to WERQ?

Haley Stone and Julie Steffen

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Why WERQ Works

Posted on: December 18th, 2012 by Julie Steffen 1 Comment

WERQ works because it sets students up for success.

Every student – not just the “dancers”.

How do I know this?  Because I am a WERQ Instructor.  I am also an accountant.


Believe it.

Need your depreciation schedule amortized?  I’m your girl.  Challenge me to a 10-Key contest?  I’ll win.  Need your Income Statement analyzed?  Yep, you’re catching on.  I’m also a WERQ Master Trainer.  I travel the country leading WERQ Instructor Trainings.  How do I know WERQ works?  Because I am the product.

Whenever I hear someone say to their friend quietly before their first WERQ class “I can’t dance don’t watch me”, I giggle.  Little do they know that was me not so long ago.  I was the accountant hiding in the back row scared I’d trip over my own feet.  I grew up a gymnast and have always been athletic.  I’ve completed 2 marathons.  Yet the thought of a dance class absolutely terrified me until I found WERQ.  Now I teach WERQ classes and watch as students of every background rock their workouts time and time again.

WERQ works because it sets up participants for success.  Every part of a WERQ class is designed to help every level of student achieve.  The WERQ warmup previews the dance steps used during class.  When participants see a move in the warmup they are more easily able to flow into the move later in the class.  WERQ choreography is designed to be intuitive, repetitive and accessible.   The WERQ “3Q1” method of cueing is designed to allow participants to follow along with ease.

I’m often asked “is there a lot of choreography in a WERQ class”?  Well, frankly, yes.  Shooting straight, there is.  However, don’t be intimidated.  WERQ Instructors understand it is our job is to ensure participants are able to achieve the WERQout.   We will guide, lead, and teach so you are able to achieve.

If Julie A. Steffen, CPA, Illinois License #82503 can do this, YOU can do this.

Julie Steffen

Are you ready to WERQ?

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Born to WERQ!

Posted on: November 27th, 2012 by WERQ Fitness No Comments

What did you want to be when you grew up?  Our childhood answers are innocent.  Actress, Ballerina, Olympic Gymnast.  As we grow our answers change.  CEO, Accountant, Doctor.  If we’re lucky, we find that one perfect job and every day becomes a holiday because there is nothing else you could be happier doing.  We were born to WERQ.

We get out of bed every morning to create the best dance fitness choreography in the industry. We travel the country turning Certified Fitness Professionals into new WERQ Instructors. We are in the gym teaching classes, burning up the dance floor and burning calories with hundreds of WERQaholics a week.  Your victories are our victories.  Our hearts beat proud when WERQers lose pounds, melt inches, balance on one foot, dance with confidence and rocks their WERQout.  We set our standards high with a passion for being the absolute best.

Are you ready?  We are.  We were born ready, born to WERQ.

Shooting Straight,

Haley Stone & Julie Steffen
WERQ Master Trainers

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